About We are extInked

We are extInked is a national tour of the extInked project, consisting of a series of unique visual arts exhibitions in partnership with venues throughout the UK.

The tour will document the legacy of the project from its inception in 2009, through to the current work of the ambassadors. We are extInked brings together for the first time the original pen and ink drawings, documentary footage of the tattooing process, the extraordinary photographic portraits of the ambassadors created on a rare 19th century camera by Anatomy Projects and documentation of the progress of the one hundred ambassadors as they work to protect and advocate for their species.

The primary focus of the tour will be to showcase the work of the one hundred ambassadors providing audiences with a unique insight into the potential for art and socially engaged practice to explore and influence UK efforts to prevent species loss.

The exhibitions will reach a wide public across the UK and aims to inspire and encourage audiences to protect the flora and fauna surrounding them. As We are extInked travels the UK it will constantly change in response to the work of the ambassadors, the status of the species that it features and the location it will be exhibited. Each venue will host educational activities and public events to inspire and promote interest and action around ecology and conservation for those who experience extInked. Many of these activities will be led by the ambassadors in conjunction with ecologists, educationalists and artists.

Tour Schedule:

14/05/2011 - 02/07/2011 - Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds.

UHC are one of seven contributing artists to Into the Wild, an exhibition exploring notions of wilderness and asks: what is wild? Is a landscape developed by human hand truly natural? The artists featured in this show have created work that questions how our definitions of nature shift from a human perspective; they also share a common interest in understanding where wilderness can be found, seen or experienced.

09/07/2011 - 04/12/2011 - The Manchester Museum, Manchester.

To coincide with the opening of a new gallery and celebrate the launch of We are extInked, The Manchester Museum has teamed up with Ultimate Holding Company as one of the five exhibition partners. We are extInked will be situated in the museum alongside the recently opened 'Living Worlds' gallery, which explores the connections between all living things, including us, and shows how we can all shape the future by the choices we make. The exhibition will include a selection of rare specimens from The Manchester Museum collections.

12/05/2012 - 29/07/2012 - Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

In May 2012 We are extInked will travel north to the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh where the exhibition will remain until late July. The exhibition has been coordinated to coincide with the Scottish Biodiversity week and will run a series of events and activities that will explore issues of biodiversity and conservation.

15/09/2012 - 10/11/2012 - Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, Rugby.

We are extInked will be presented at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum in the autumn of 2012 and will be the final exhibition of the We are extInked tour. We are extInked will follow on from and complement their summer exhibition exploring issues of sustainability and the Olympics and contribute to their 2012 programme theme of Social Responsibility.

Feedback from the We are extInked exhibitions

12/06/2011 - Stephen Rutt - Art doesn't save the environment, people do. Art's role is different. Art, good art, doesn't proselytize, but provokes: showing why and the way to new thoughts, not telling how. Good galleries are complicit in this: Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds, is one such place. Spread across small slips of paper pinned to the wall, were the stylised tattoo designs of the Ultimate Holding Company. From the obvious Golden and White-tailed Eagle designs, to the esoteric Mole Cricket, tattooing in the name of conser.

07/10/2011 - Mary-Beth Whittingstall - I visited the wonderful extInked exhibition at McrMuseum this week... And you should too! I'm damn proud to be an extinked ambassador.

Partner Organisations & Support

We are extInked is a collaboration between Ultimate Holding Company, Anatomy Projects and the touring partners which include Smiths Row, The Manchester Museum, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.


The tour is supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England and MIRIAD.